Hungarian based backpack, bag, tote bag, messenger bag and accessories store.

The design and making is made by us from start to finish. The inspiration is our everyday life what we want on a bike, what we need in the wild, what is casual in the city. 

The first few bags has been made for friends about 10 years ago, then friends of friends, a so on and so forth...

Every collection are made in limited pieces. But no worries you can always order just contact us:, or on facebook/instagram. We'll find a solution

Orgin vol.1: R A C K A (pronounced /rɑːtskɑː/) or Wallachian Sheep (Ovis aries strepsiceros hungaricus) is a breed of sheep known for its unusual spiral-shaped horns. These unique appendages are unlike any other domestic sheep horns, and may grow up to 2.0 ft (0.61 m) long. Originating in the Carpathian Mountains, Europe.